Dust’N Rain Dorper and White Dorper ram sale to $8600 top

Buyers Dusty, Tom and Bec Palmer, Dust’N Rain’s Thomas and Jack Cullinan, and BR&C agent Darren Old with the
top-priced Dorper ram sold for $8600. Photos: Alexandra Bernard

BY ALEXANDRA BERNARD – Originally published by THE LAND on Thursday October 20, 2022

IN THEIR third on farm ram sale Dust’N Rain Dorper and White Dorper stud had a 100 per cent clearance rate with underbidders pushing the prices up.

Held at Carstairs Station, near Pooncarie, on Monday all 110 rams on offer sold to a top of $8600 and a sale average of $4597.

In the breakdown 77 White Dorper rams sold to a top of $6200 three times and an average of $4477 while 33 Dorper rams sold to a top of $8600 and $4879 average. Gary Cullinan, Dust’N Rain, said he was very happy with it being a very strong sale.

“It was good to see such a big crowd – it was probably the biggest we’ve had so far,” he said.
Mr Cullinan said it was good to see new buyers bidding on the top lots, as well as return buyers and strong activity online.

The top-priced ram was the twin-born Dorper Turbo, sired by Burrawang Digger, sold for $8600 to Tom and Bec Palmer from Girrahween Station.

The ram was a May 2021 drop and had an eye muscle depth (EMD) of 50 millimetres, eye muscle area (EMA) of 40.04 square centimetres and an 8.5mm fat depth. Mr Cullinan said this was a ram he really liked and the Burrawang Digger line had always bred well for them in the past.

The ram was noted in the catalogue to be a very safe ram which carries a lot of meat with body fat.
Mr Palmer said he liked Turbo because of his good body and good depth of muscle, and he travels really
The ram will be used over ewes in their stud operation, which has about 400 ewes.

Mr Palmer said they are first time buyers at Dust’N Rain and wanted to buy from them as the sheep are bred in similar climates to their own station between Pooncarie and Ivanhoe.

The Palmers also purchased the second toppriced Dorper ram, the single- born Trailblazer, sired by Burrawang Nugget 191501, sold for $6200.
The ram had an EMD of 46mm, EMA of 35.77 sq cm, and a fat depth of 8.5mm.
Trailblazer was noted in the catalogue to be a very big ram with a lot of body fat and good bone structure.

There were three White Dorpers sold for the top price of $6200 including the single-born Top Hut sold to Steve and Debbie Fasham, Wakool.
The ram, sired by Dust’N Rain Rohan 190122, had an EMD of 46mm, EMA of 34.71 sq cm and fat depth of 8.5mm.
Top Hut was noted in the catalogue to have a long rump and good outer twist.

BR&C agent Russel Anthony bought the ram on behalf of the Fashams and said he was structurally sound and good in confirmation.
The Fashams have a mixed farming enterprise including a commercial flock which this ram will be used in.

The twin-born Tommy, sired by Dust’N Rain 150074, was also sold for $6200 to Leanne Clothier, Polia.
The ram had an EMD of 44mm, EMA of 32.52 sq cm and fat depth of 8mm.
Tommy was noted in the catalogue to have a lot of body fat and was a very masculine ram.

The single-born 21-0704, sired by Burrawang Pale Ale 190447, was the third ram sold for $6200 to Brett and Amanda Vagg, Ivanhoe.
The ram had an EMD of 43mm, EMA of 26.83 sq cm and fat depth of 6mm.

There were two White Dorper rams sold for the second top-price of $6000.
The twin-born Thirsty, sired by Dust’N Rain Rocket 190277, was bought by Gary and Ros Griffiths, Pan Pan.
Thirsty had an EMD of 40mm, EMA of 25.56 sq cm and fat depth of 5.5mm.
The twin-born Turn It Up, sired by Burrawang Piet 151420, was sold to a buyer on AuctionsPlus.
The ram had an EMD of 36mm, EMA of 21.07 sq cm and fat depth of 4.5mm.

There were several volume buyers including Bruce Williams from Karra Station, Balranald, who bought 11 White Dorper rams for an average of $4691.

Gary Hill of Pomona Hill Pty Ltd, Pomona, took home Dorper eight rams for an average of $4775 and Kyle Withers from Hewitt Cattle Australia’s Tandou Station, South East of Broken Hill, bought eight White Dorper rams for $3725.

Mulurulu Station, Aloes, took home six White Dorper rams and one Dorper ram for an average of $5114.
Wayne and Arleta Smith from Tanany Pty Ltd, Pooncarie, bought four White Dorper rams and three Dorper rams for an average of $5171.

Barraroo Pastoral, Menindee, and Polia Pastoral Pty Ltd, Polia, both took home six rams.

The sale was conducted by BR&C Agents and was interfaced with AuctionsPlus.

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